Virtual Performance with RT

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June 23, 2020 - 2:34pm -- Web Master

Send all questions to Peggy Blake at [email protected] Please put "Scottsdale Video" in the subject line.

Videos are due by July 14, 2020

Wardrobe: any solid color jewel tone shirt

Craig Needham's Video Instructions

(Please read carefully)

Having produced several virtual videos these past few months, I've learned a few things that will help us have success in this project. Here are a few tips for recording:

  • Please record with your phone in landscape mode (sideways). The wider shot allows for more editing options. You will need two devices to make this recording - one to record the video (phone) and another to listen to the track (computer, another phone, tablet). Put your earbuds or headphones on connected to your playback device, make sure the playback device is not in the camera view, set your phone to take a selfie video in landscape mode and turn on the video first. Once the video is on, turn on your playback device and make your video. Hold still for at least five seconds after the song ends. You will have to find a good place to set your phone. Your phone should be at eye level or even a little higher. It's best to not be looking down at your phone.

  • Listen for incidental noise in your recording space. None of us have "studio" conditions in our living spaces so we have to do the best we can with our physical area. Ceiling fans, air conditioners, traffic noise, tv's in other rooms, etc. all make noise that will be picked up on your cell phone recording. While I can eliminate many of these sounds with my editing software, work to get the "cleanest" recording possible. Please do not record outside!

  • Visual - Check the lighting and background of your video. I would encourage you to make a few sample test videos of you singing in full voice and view them to make sure the look and sound are best. Look closely at what is in the background of your video. Moving ceiling fans are very distracting. Make sure you are centered in your video screen and keep in mind there is no choreography in these videos. Please emote with your face but remember these videos are going to be trimmed to a smaller box so keep in mind your movements might take you out of the screen if they are too exaggerated.

  • Sound - Sing in the acoustic space where you feel the most comfortable. A drier sounding recording is preferred. In fact, I have more control over a drier sounding recording. Also, it is easy to "clip" or distort the audio on a cell phone. Don't feel as if you need to sing in your loudest volume. If you know you have a big voice or are singing the really high parts, this is an even bigger problem for you. I can make everyone louder with my editing software but there isn't much I can do with distorted audio on a recording. Again, these are not studio conditions where we can control the mic input levels. Please listen back to your video before sending. If the sound is distorted, you may need to record again in a drier space, stand farther away from you phone, or even consider singing more softly.

  • Syncing - Our only chance of success is to mimic the recording as closely as possible. The biggest problem in doing these virtual videos is syncing and mixing the audio. When in a full rehearsal, the dynamics of being in a group with a conductor allow the ensemble to develop a sense of timing and cohesiveness. This is totally lost when doing separate videos. What we end up with are videos that are all slightly different rhythmically and it's a huge challenge to make us sound like a blended ensemble. Make sure you have practiced your part with the audio in your ear until you feel confident before attempting the video. Try singing with the audio in both ears or in just one ear. If you use only one ear, be aware we may pick up audio from the other earpiece on your recording. If you have a way of panning the audio to one side with your playback device, this would be best.

  • Please give me at least five seconds of still video after your recording.

I look forward to making music with you!


Submitting your video

Iphone Dropbox Instructions

Google Drive Instructions

Please label your video with your last name and your part name.

Recording Video

Please use this video to practice and record. You should be at performance level before making this recording! When you feel confident, make your video!

Click this link to hear the track and see the sheet music while you make your recording.


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